Cast Edit

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Humans Edit

  • Addison Holley as Anne Sagan, the title character who is a kid genius
  • Jadiel Dowlin as Nick Clegg, Anne's friend
  • Adrianna Di Liello as Shania, Anne's friend
  • James Gangl as Wilbert Sagan, Anne's father[10]
  • Raven Dauda as Maggie Clegg, Nick's mother and reporter
  • Jonny Gray as Zack, Nick's friend
  • Jayne Eastwood as Shania's grandmother
  • Joey Nijem as Garth, Shania's brother
  • Nicola Correia-Damude as Ada Turing, a scientist who was Anne's friend, and main antagonist for seasons 3 and 4
  • Devyn Nekoda as Charlie Cassini, one of Nick's science classmates
  • Colin Mochrie as Mr. Cooper, Shania's grandmother's friend
  • Naomi Sniekus as Ms. Cassini, Nick and Charlie's science teacher and Charlie's mom
  • Dylan Everett as Dylan Turing, Ada's son
  • Carson Reaume as Billy, Shania's brother
  • Aaron Feigenbaum as Ray, Shania's brother