Androids Edit

Name Initial purpose Additional purposes Description
Hand Heavy lifting, power tools wielding, reaching high Over 70 modes and tools First, strongest and largest of Anne's androids, Hand is a three-legged construct with an arm ending with a large articulated clamp and a smaller one. She is able to lift a car and hold it still for a while.
Eyes Look at stars, outside the junkyard and microorganisms Shoots Anne's experiments and reports, and watch the street by the junkyard (some kind of a lookout) Second, fastest and smallest of Anne's androids, Eyes is a camera equipped with a telescope, a three-objective microscope and binoculars. It moves thanks to a single wheel and has four short articulated arms to keep its balance. It automatically switches between lenses. All its lenses are connected to an advanced analyzer.
Pal Assisting Anne, impact dummy Learning... everything! Third, most human-like and most sophisticated of Anne's androids, Pal is very agile and a fast runner. Anne left its gender undetermined. It always asks questions, as it is the only android with speech, and is very friendly.
Fangs Guard dog Scaring off intruders Fourth Anne's android, Fangs behaves like an actual dog. Fangs is equipped with stinky spray, spikes and an expandable body.